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The birth of the album: Signs Revealed of the band Mindcrafter began to take shape in 2008 when Phelipe Henriques (vocalist and guitarist) invited former members Pedro Mattos (guitar) and Mariano Belem (bass) Vinicius Moniz (vocals) and Gustavo Rodrigues (drums) for the initial formation of the band . The Night Wizard, Avatar and Black Crowned Heart (villain): In this first stage 5 theme songs that revolve around three characters were developed. The story is inspired by the supernatural relationship of humans with their characters and the saga of Avatar in his journey into the unknown. After the departure of these members , Phelipe Henriques concludes the story with 5 more songs , some of these tracks still in collaboration with Mariano Belem and Schneider Souza. In order to innovate the album brings a sound with non-traditional harmonies and some dissonant moments, brazilian rhythms and alternating bars traditionally linked to Prog Metal , plus a dynamic vocal. The album was recorded between May 2012 and December 2014 in the studio HR , Rio de Janeiro. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Escobar.

Untitled-1Phelipe Henriques – His music contact began to develop with the family influence, listening to vinyl records of older brothers (classic bands such as Rush, U2, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Van Halen etc.) and evolved in adolescence to attend music free courses in the city of Volta Redonda in the state of Rio de Janeiro, studying guitar, guitar and music theory. This broadened their horizons meeting new artists of various musical styles of the classical guitar to heavy metal to jazz, blues, as well as Brazilian rhythms. In 2007 he earned a BA in guitar at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music CBM-CEU. During this period has improved in guitar technique, influenced mainly in Brazilian composers: Heitor Villa-Lobos and Radames Gnattali that have been of great inspiration to compose works of solo guitar. In 2008 followed with his studies and graduated in Bachelor aiming act as Musical Educator in regular basic education. Besides composer, acts as a tutor of acoustic and electric guitar, giving the various materials aimed at music as: Harmony, Theory, Solfeggio, Technical etc. In 2014 he began working as Educator Musical School CEMAD in Rio de Janeiro. Some of his main influences are artists: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Eric Clapton, BB King, Dream Theater, Mike Stern, Porcupine Tree, Angra, Grave, Pain of Salvation etc.

Kim Karvalho – Born in Macae, his first contact with music was at age 11 with the keyboard, where he acquired the first theoretical and practical teachings. At 15 he began guitar studies and changed his focus to that which is your working tool to this day. He studied at places like the music conservatory in the city of Macaé and the Music School Geraldo Carneiro in Rio das Ostras. In 2006 he moved to Rio de Janeiro and chose the Estacio de Sa University for Student Technologist Recording in Progress Recording and Production, where he graduated in 2008. Also graduated Bachelor of Electric Guitar at the Brazilian Conservatory of Music 2011. It has now Certifications 101 and 110 in the Pro Tools platform first AVID.Sua Band, Atlantys, was formed with school friends and it played various styles within the rock. In 2005 he joined the other musicians and formed the band Pop Rock, High Tide, where he played until its closure in 2010. That same year participated in the launch show of the “Little Village” John Cantiber in Sala Baden Powell Copacabana – RJ and in 2012 returned to play in the band of John Cantiber in a season in Lapa coffee celebrating 30 years of the artist’s career and the release of their latest album “Carioquices”. In 2014 he touched in the project movies on the ropes, a duo that Kimapresentava film music only with guitars. He worked as 2008-2009 recording engineer in the Green Studio. Since 2012 is a partner in Studio Ear Standing where he also performs works as a recording technician, editing and mixing. Acts as tutor of music and audio since 2006 and in 2011 began teaching at the school REC Music.

 Matheus Mussel Bass player from Petrópolis and has been a member of the band since July 2016. He has several influences on Progressive Metal and also has another band called Pierrot.