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Review of CD – Signs Reveald

Review of CD originally published by the blog Road to Metal

By Gabriel Arruda

The Prog Metal is not an easy task for those who want to immerse themselves in the style, that besides demanding competence and musical technique, inventiveness and intellect are some of these principles for a genre to sound excellent, although there are certain ideologies and Very fast, considering obstacles to the ears of the most abrupt. Coming as a welcome revelation, MINDCRAFTER is betting on the assorted sound variety on their ‘debut’ album, “Singns Revealed” (2015).

Surrounded by experimentation and typicity, the album revolves around skillful performances, looking for well-made melodies and points of pure travel, mapped by the weight and exposition of Brazilian songs, overlapping more sovereignty and essentiality to the work, leaving clear to the influences of major Names of the Progressive tribe in evidence, with guitarist and vocalist Phelipe Henriques ahead of ideas, but who was not alone, completing the team with Kim Karvalho (guitar), Lucas Amaya (bass) and Felipe Bonomo (drums).

Phelipe Henriques signed the mastering and mixing project done by Daniel Escobar, recorded at HR Estudio (RJ), not to mention the sound quality, which was very clear and clear. The graphic art was distinguished by the Rodolfo Ferreira, of Obsidian Design, that harps the sound movement of the disc in the smallest details.

“Singns Revealed” maintains the core of Prog Metal in its due enclosure, not allowing prevailing nuances that are not so common, reimbursed by a natural and open work, with each track being different from one another, portraying on varied concepts, being An album distinct from the others we’re used to hearing of the genre.

As a bonus, “The Night Wizard” is dressed in good technique, shaped by feeling and exquisite melodies, changing rhythms, held by the great arrangements of guitar; The long “A Warrior’s Blaze” transpose cleaner and more time-consuming lines, not letting the charge come from guitars, being obvious, at the beginning, the influences of Brazilian rhythms. The instrumental “Against The Ravens In The Sky” beams aspects of crystalline, which is now more fuller and not so dense, highlighting the rhythmic work of bass and drums;

“The Grasping Hand” features the combination of traditional Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock, which is noticeable on Phelipe’s vocals, reminding Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, as well as the exhaling weight of the guitars; “Challenge Of The Gods” is coerced aggressively, guided by abrasive riffs and more intricate moments; “Endless Hope” is anchored by weight, characterized by clean melodies and traces of Latin music.

To those fond of Prog Metal, “Singns Revealed” is a great recommendation.


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